Alamo-Lafayette Cemetery District

Points of Interest - Lafayette

1) BL 9, Lot 45W Milton East Harvey 1st Black male teacher in Oakland School District. 1st Black male student to attend University of Pacifica. Was in choir but couldn’t go on over night trips, played bass drum but couldn’t wear uniform, was on track team but couldn’t compete with other schools.

2) BL 16, Lot 32W Nathaniel Jones 1St sheriff of Contra Costa County

3) BL 19, Lot 14W Benjamin Shreve First Postmaster of Lafayette, taught school and was a storekeeper

4) BL 20, Lot 2W Sybil Wilkinson Longest resident of Lafayette, descendent of Elam Brown

5) BL 20, Lot 15W H. A. Sweet Civil War Veteran, Company I 184th Infantry New York

6) BL 22, Lot 24W Albert Allen During war he volunteered to be a flag bearer. The flag is in the possession of the American Legion

7) BL 23, Lot 26E Cornelius Whitcomb Was a choosen Director of Cemetery Corp

8) BL 24, Lot 2AE-2 Alice Louse Hamlin “Woman of the Year” 1970.

9) BL 24, Lot 18W John Standish Justice of the peace in Crockett 1867

10) BL 24, Lot 20W James Harvey Gorham Lafayette School Trustee 1857

11) BL 24, Lot 22W Frank Hammett County Assessor, Deputy Sheriff and horse trainer

12) BL 24, Lot 24E George W. Hammett, Sr. Came to Lafayette in 1853 by a team of Ox from Wisconsin. 1854 was Justice of the Peace and Blacksmith. Lafayette School Trustee. Original Cemetery Board of Directors - Lafayette Cemetery Association began in 1874

13) BL 25, Lot 5E David Hodges, Sr Born 1797 in Canada (American Parents) 1853 named acting Justice of the Peace

14) BL 25, Lot 5W Clarence William Brown One of Lafayette’s first citizens. Member of Volunteer Fire Department, drove towns 1st fire engine “Old Besty”. Owned C. W. Brown Hardware with wife Freda in the 1920's

15) BL 25, Lot 10E Henrietta Hodges Oldest known burial 11/15/1854

16) BL 26, Lot 18W Aaron Melony Elected to State Assembly. Also State Senate. Resigned in 1858. Nominated State Controller during Civil War. Came to California 1849 from Mass

17) BL 27, Lot 3W Mary R. McNeil WWII Nurse in France

18) BL 27, Lot 5W Peter McNeil Born in Lafayette on Knudsen Ranch. Son of William & Jane Mc Neil - came across plains in covered wagon

19) BL 28, Lot 3W Peter Thomson Blacksmith

20) BL 29, Lot 4W James Marion Daley Director of Lafayette Cemetery Corp.

21) BL 30, Lot 5E Grace E. Fox WWI served in Army Nurses Corps

22) BL 30, Lot 6E Joseph E. Fox Capt. Philippine Infantry During WWI

23) BL 30, Lot 12E Hiram McCartney Stanage Was Constable of the Peace, School Census Marshall, owned butcher shop and shoe maker

24) BL 30, Lot 16W Henry Trevitts Member of Company G - 3rd MO. Calvary

25) BL 31, Lot 11W Donner Relatives of the Donner party

26) BL 32, Lot 21W Margaret Jennie Bickerstaff Rosenberg

Lafayette’s 1st School Teacher. Rode horse to school daily.

27) BL 32, Lot 24W Robert Thomas October 1869 came from Canada by one of the 1st Transcontinental Trains. Road Master 28 years

28) BL 33, Lot 22W Milo Heath Turner Judge in Walnut Creek

29) BL L-M, Lot M1 John Loe Curley Bradley Former conductor for Key Railroad System. He lived on the streets of Lafayette for 40 years. He collected aluminum cans and donated proceeds to Catholic Charities.

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Thank you and we hope you have a wonderful & educational tour of our beautiful historical cemetery.

Superintendent/general Manager