Alamo - Lafayette Cemetery District

Points of Interest - Alamo

Name, Location, & Fact

1) Robert Joseph Shedel Bl 30, Lt 9E

WWII Army Veteran. Served in Europe 602nd Tank Destroyer Battalion.

2) Howard Christian Wiedemann Bl 58 U1/4, Lt 15

Member of Pioneer Family of San Ramon. Named “Cattleman of the Year.” Farm began in 1860 by Grandfather Christian - a German Carpenter who jumped ship in San Francisco.

3) Rev. Martin H Werfelmann Bl 58, Lt 19

WWII Veteran in Germany 1944-46 with Infantry as an officer with Special Services.

4) Nathaniel S. Howard Bl 49, Lt Howard

A Sea Captain. Came to California in 1850.

5) Charlotte Elmere Wood Bl 50, Lt 13

Taught 30 years at Sycamore Valley Grammar School, author of many poetry books. “Charlotte Wood School” named after her.

6) Ralph Arthur James Bl 50, Lt 1-E

A Co-Discover of metallic element 95 & 96. Worked on Manhattan Project, the Atomic Bomb Project. Won Guggenheim Fellowship.

7) John Thaddeus Cline Bl 51, Lt 16-4

WWI Veteran, Trained as a Navy Pilot.

8) Alexander John Stripeika Bl 44 annex, Lt O

Naval Lieutenant during WWII.

9) Verne Ellsworth Stoflet Bl 42A, Lt 18A

WWII Army Veteran. 195th Infantry in European & Mediterranean Theaters.

10) Jack Vaughn Shahbazian Bl 42A, Lt 12A

WWII Veteran. Served in South Pacific Navy.

11) Callie Chrisman Bl 41A, Lt Chrsiman

Earliest Known Burial.

12) Brewster Sunday Bl 39A, Lt B7

WWII Veteran with 182nd Airborne.

13) Doris Katherine Carvalno Bl 54, Lt15B

Sergeant in WWII in WAC’s.

14) Michel Alexander Vallon Bl 38, Lt 2-E

WWII Veteran and former member of the French Underground Movement during Nazi Occupation. Author “An Apostle of Freedom.”

15) Erwin H. Gross Bl 62, Lt 1A

SGT 4th Division 1917 - 1919.

16) Wellington Boone Bl 36, Lt 23 N1/3

A direct descendent of Daniel Boone. Mother was Daniel’s Great Granddaughter.

17) Paul Flood Bl 36, Lt 1S

A Descendent of the Pioneer Flood Family.

18) Mary Anne Jones Bl 35, Lt 2

Came over plains in covered wagon 1846 with Elam Brown’s Group.

19) Edna Marguerite Pennington Bl 4B, Lt 1A

Retired Bookkeeper of Post Office in Plymouth Idaho. 103 years old.

20) William Fred Noh Bl Oak II, Lt R II

World renowned mathematician. WWII Veteran Navy.

21) Ruby Podva Bl Willow, Lt 5

Ex-Postmistress (11th Postmaster) of Danville 30 years. A member of Danville’s oldest ranching families.

Note: There might not be headstones for all persons on this list.